As you can see, I have dropped the old PHP Fusion site for a WordPress one.

After Migrating the whole web server to Server 2016 and getting MySQL5.7 and PHP 5.6.30 configured. I started off doing an SQL dump (export) of my databases and zipping up the website folders, it was a simple matter of creating empty databases, importing the MySQL dumps and unzipping the sites into new folders. I did try to use PHP7 but some of the sites “broke”  I had to revert to backup of the fully working PHP 5.6 server. I did a parallel install of PHP 5.6, and re jigged the path variable to PHP 5.6 and all was working. No idea what happened

I Configured the web server manually as there are some dependencies that dont get installed via the IIS Web Platform installer, namely the VC_Redistx64 and VC_Redistx86 files.

The guide I followed for the manual install for IIS 10 on Server 2016 is here. A great video by the author, credits to CodeCowboyOrg A great selection of tutorials.

All my other sites are up and running as well. So this is where things will get put  of  general nature, and my “Tech” site is still over here

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