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Windows Live Writer replacement

6 June, 2017 | By chrisbryan | Comments Off on Windows Live Writer replacement | Filed in: POSTS.

Open Live Writer, a replacement for the old and deprecated Windows Live Writer, looks and feels like the Windows one. 06/06/2017 csbryan site testing Same intuitive interface and method of connecting to various blogging apps. I hooked into two of my WordPress sites and a Google Blogpost site within minutes of the installation completing. If • Read More »

Minor issues with the web server

29 May, 2017 | By chrisbryan | Comments Off on Minor issues with the web server | Filed in: POSTS.

Noticed last week that my web sites couldn’t connect to the database, seems the MySQL Service had stopped. Even weirder, I couldn’t get it restarted. This did happen a while ago and I found a like website that mentioned restoring the ISAMS in the database and it fixed it, however this time I couldn’t find • Read More »

DEV Site Broken

2 February, 2017 | By chrisbryan | Comments Off on DEV Site Broken | Filed in: POSTS.

Some strange things sinse migrating my web sites toi Server 2016 and PHP 5.5.6. My DEV site would not let me create any new pages or posts, but I could edit existing ones. I looked at all the things on the web relating to disabling plugins and resetting the theme back to the default but • Read More »