Hi Chris here,

This page is to give a little information on the site regarding Server Operating System, PhP, MySQL and the package itself. So lets have a look at what behind it

This site sits on a newly deployed Windows Server 2016 with IIS configured. The web server was running on Server 2012, and was upgraded following the linked video.

PhP Version 5.6.3 has been manually installed as per ther video on the front page. The author of the Video uses PhP V7, but I had a small issue for some unknown reason with this version. I may try again to set up V7, as its still on thew server and will only take a few minutes to switch the locxation in the Path variable, as well as configure the IIS ModulesĀ  for PhPv7.

Database functionality is handled by MySQL 5.7

Connection to the Internet is by my Broadband connection running at 5 to 6 Mbit down and .8Mbit up. This is the reason some of the images are a bit slow to load. You can only pull them down as fast as my upload speed will allow, sorry for that.

The blog platform is WordPress Version 4.7.2 running the QuickPress Theme.

What do I use this site for, mostly stuff of a general nature. I have another site over here where I post more Tech related articles.

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